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Whole Healthy Group is only publishing Diane Hatz’s work currently



From award-winning Rock Gods & Messy Monsters to newsletters like Diane Discovers, Diane is a prolific and successful writer


Diane is available to consult on social impact campaigns and events


Editorial Reviews for Rock Gods & Messy Monsters

“Modern creative writing classes looking for discussion points in experimental literary styles will find Rock Gods & Messy Monsters promises many lively debates about the elements of social examination and the impact of truly creative writing.”

Midwest Book Review

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters by Diane Hatz is a bullet-hell critique of corporate and mass culture by way of Theodor Adorno filtered through the whimsy and humor of writers like Terry Pratchett and Kurt Vonnegut….The best kind of absurdism; the kind that a veneer of the surreal while having the grisly guts of reality right underneath.”

Independent Book Review
“The novel is so perverse it causes one to laugh out loud at the deranged storyline and detailed descriptions, offering an easy-to-read yarn for those looking for something different. This is truly satire at its best.”
US Review of Books

Room of Acknowledgment

From an IndieBRAG Medallion to Independent Book Review’s Top 30 Impressive Books of 2022, Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is making waves across the book world.


Aside from being an indie publisher, Whole Healthy Group also provides limited writing services, social impact consulting, coaching, and planning.


Diane Hatz - social impact consultant

Diane Hatz is a writer, award-winning author, and inner activist. Her current work focuses on sharing her life journey and experience with the hope she’ll inspire those interested in finding their own path to happiness.

She’s worked in the music industry and published a fanzine now housed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She helped lead the fight to end factory farming and promote healthy, sustainable food. She has organized major events, including TEDxManhattan.

Diane has been on a spiritual journey since her teens and has many stories from her years attending teachings and following The Dalai Lama.