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Our work can range from one-off strategy meetings to long-term projects and campaign building. Find out what we do.

Whole Healthy Group LLC works to create a more healthful world for people, animals and the planet, including through food and food production.


Stay up to date with our work on the WHG Blog and our Substack Whole Health Journal.


After 20+ years working in nonprofit food advocacy, raising awareness and helping create a healthy, sustainable food system for all, I’ve expanded my focus to align with the changing face of sustainability and whole health.

The intent of the work is the same – to develop and implement marketing programs and experiential campaigns; organize and host events; and undertake various strategies to help maximize the health of body, mind and spirit.

This includes healthy, safe, delicious, fair food for all. Whole Healthy Group LLC works with for profits and nonprofits. More and more companies, and especially startups, understand that consumers want whole health, as well as transparency and authenticity from the companies they buy from.

We help you make this happen.

— Diane Hatz, CEO & Founder

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