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Independent Book Review, a leading indie book reviewer – “Rock Gods & Messy Monsters by Diane Hatz is a bullet-hell critique of corporate and mass culture by way of Theodor Adorno filtered through the whimsy and humor of writers like Terry Pratchett and Kurt Vonnegut….The best kind of absurdism; the kind that a veneer of the surreal while having the grisly guts of reality right underneath.” (Read the full review.)

Kirkus Reviews, the gold standard in editorial review companies – “Once readers orient themselves with the idiosyncrasies in Hatz’s darkly whimsical—yet ultimately relatable—novel, they’re in for a fast paced, entertaining comic treat. Character-driven, this loopy satire is a droll examination of the corporate-music world.” (Read the full review.)

Midwest Book Review – “Modern creative writing classes looking for discussion points in experimental literary styles will find Rock Gods & Messy Monsters promises many lively debates about the elements of social examination and the impact of truly creative writing.” (Read the full review)

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E. Siboldt, filmmaker – Medicine for the Soul Disguised as a Fruity Pebble Covered Donut Eaten After Hours. “Why have the masses not heard about this book? It’s exactly what I didn’t know I needed – medicine for the soul and spirit disguised as a Voodoo Donut plastered in Fruity Pebbles. This is a cautionary tale of how pursuit of the thing you love – once that thing has been crushed to bits and fed to a power-hungry Machine – becomes the very thing that crushes you and everything you once loved about yourself. It’s about the sick and strange ways we allow ourselves to be held hostage by these Machines. And it’s about the hidden/not hidden truth that the four walls around these Machines have a door that is not locked.  We are free to leave – but must leave to be free.  It read like SNL meets Wizard of Oz meets Matrix meets Succession – and it’s fantastic.”

Deena Rae Turner, singer/songwriter – “Hatz has written ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Music Industry’. Read it for the sheer fun of witnessing the pulsing death throes of the puerile empire that was 90s corporate music. Uproariously funny.”

JP Gardner, Survivor of a Fortune 10 Conglomerate – “A Swiftian take on the 1990s music industry viewed through a Daliesque lens,  Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is a deft satire on corporate culture that will resonate with anyone who has ever worked in a corporate environment.  A rollicking good read with memorable characters and insane — albeit relatable — situations…”

M. Kondracki, noted recording engineer – “Fast, funny, and terrifying – corporate and artistic conflicts that ring way too close for comfort, this is a must read for anyone who even listens to music.  Fiction never sounded more like the truth.”