Change Food

Working to build a better food system (Change Food retired Dec 2021)

Connect – Collaborate – Transform

Our Mission

Change Food works toward a healthier food system for people, animals & the planet.

We’re a social impact nonprofit highlighting practical solutions to pressing problems in food and farming. We work to build community and discover or create solutions through experiences, events and special projects.

Lasting change happens from the ground up, from individuals and communities, so we provide resources and opportunities to help amplify the work of those not getting enough attention.

Our Work

Change Food is a social impact nonprofit that helps discover practical solutions to food and farming challenges, as well as healthy food trends, at the grassroots level and propel them into the mainstream.  We do this through:

  • Community building and collaboration
  • Developing marketing collateral and resources
  • Experiential events and Summits
  • Social marketing campaigns

We believe lasting change only happens from within a community, so we look for people and programs not getting enough attention and give them a bigger platform and larger microphone.  We then offer videos and resources created from our programs and events so anyone anywhere at anytime can put on their own event to raise awareness, educate, and solve problems locally.

We must expand the food movement beyond the small demographic it currently serves and build a healthy food system for – and created by – all. We must also work to create connections between different sectors of food and farming, making sure everyone, including farmers, have a seat at the table.

Goals of Change Food:

  • Help create a healthy, inclusive food system for everyone
  • Build community by facilitating networking and collaboration opportunities
  • Increase national exposure of successful work of individuals, organizations and companies working toward a fair, healthy food system
  • Help lessen consumer confusion around healthy food and farming
  • Change public mindset to understand healthy food is a human right

Core Beliefs:

  • Lasting change happens from the ground up
  • Communities and/or people change themselves.  We can only provide resources and roadmaps
  • Solutions already exist
  • Individuals and groups creating real, lasting change do not get appropriate attention and funding


Select media from Change Food.


Change Food was founded in 2013 by veteran food advocate and social entrepreneur Diane Hatz, who has hosted six groundbreaking TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” events and the Change Food Fest.  These are a prime example of the work we do, impacting over 9 million people.  We’ve received well over 600 million media impressions and hundreds of articles, hosted over 100 speakers, and helped organize hundreds of live viewing parties around the world to watch our events, in over 37 states and at least 14 countries.


Change Food might have retired  – but you can still watch many videos on food and food systems change on Change

Food’s YouTube channel


Change Food retired December 2021 – please read Diane’s farewell note.