Happy February!
I hope your 2024 has gotten off to a joyful and relaxing start. We’ve had a decent amount of snow for Santa Fe, so it’s been wonderful here in the northern mountains of New Mexico. Following is an update on life, work, and things in-between.
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Life Update

I’m headed back east to Delaware for my mother’s 90th birthday in March and am turning it into a vacation. I’ll be driving cross country and stopping here and there, including some spots that are mentioned in my next book. (There’s a cross country car chase and the main character stops at a few places….) I’ll be posting pics and videos on my Instagram and Facebook page so more to come.

I’ll also be stopping for a bit in New York City and the Hudson Valley/Catskills area because, well, I don’t know, maybe there will be a move in 2025. Or maybe not. Who knows. I’m open to where the universe wants me to be. Stay tuned!


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For the Food Minded

I’ve gone back and forth about whether I want to do any work in the healthy food space, and it seems a creative deck for an event that’s focused on food, wellness, and creativity has fallen out of my head and onto some pages.

It’s called HEARTH “Bringing Humanity Back to the Earth Through Food, Wellness, and Creativity.” I’ve just started circulating the proposal to find a seed grant to set the program/event up and get it off the ground. If any of you have any ideas on people who might be interested in a large multi-pronged event that deals with both inner and outer health, please let me know!

My main focus right now is getting seed funding or connections to people with funding. I’m planning to structure it as a nonprofit and run the company as a social impact business. (Though I’m not planning to run it.)

If you know anyone you think might be interested, I’m happy to send you a copy of the proposal.


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Writing Update

I’m ecstatic to share that book 2 in the Mind Monster Series – Fallen Spirits – is done!! Okay, I still have to add the front and back matter and that type of thing, but the manuscript is finished and has gone through fourteen edits. Yes! Fourteen.

I’ve also decided to hold off on publishing it right away. I’m 48,000 words into the 3rd book (which might end up being two books), and I think it best to hold off on publishing Fallen Spirits until I know when The Journey Home (tentative title for Book 3) will be done.

There’s a cliffhanger at the end of Fallen Spirits, and I don’t want angry readers wanting to know where the next novel is…. So, let’s see if I can sit on my hands until Fall 2024 or so…

I’m also thinking I’ll hold back on tons of promotion until the book series is done – and then I’ll go full force into marketing all the novels.


And along the lines of writing, below are a couple articles from the past month. You can read them linked below on Substack or on my blog here.

Resolutions versus Intentions – My New Year’s Commitment – Only 9% of people making resolutions keep them. In fact, 80% of resolution makers give up by the end of February. So, rather than making resolutions, I’m more inclined to set intentions and work toward them. It’s a much less stressful process. (Read more…).

Must-Do’s Before Publishing Your Book (part 1 of 3) – Editing is an essential part of the writing and publishing process. I describe my process and also some options if you can’t afford a professional editor. It’s controversial, but the reality is not everyone can afford a couple thousand dollars on editing – and writing should not be exclusionary. (Read more…)


And, yes, I’m still not sure where to put articles – on my Substack or blog or both. Oh, and then there’s Medium and LinkedIn also. There’s SEO to consider, canonical links, who reads what where, and so many things these days it makes me dizzy. I’ve decided my priority is to write, so I’ll figure all this out after the Mind Monsters Series is completed.
Thanks for your patience! (And you are also my priority, so you’l still get newsletters fromAnd in me every month or two….)

And in the End….

Three puppies up for adoption

Puppies from Espanola Humane. #AdoptDontShop Photo: Diane Hatz

Many thanks to all of you who’ve checked in and supported my life reset and sabbatical. 2024 is going to be a good year – I hope the same for you.



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