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A sampling of work from Diane and Whole Healthy Group

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters

In this award-winning, fantastical novel authored by Diane Hatz, a surreal and comedic cast of record company characters reveals that dreams can turn to nightmares, and real power is having the courage to be true to ourselves.

Winner Indie B.R.A.G Medallion and Top Impressive Indie Books of 2022 from Independent Book Review!

Diane Discovers

Founder of Diane Discovers, a Substack newsletter focused on sharing news, insights, and experience about the indie writing, publishing and marketing world. Free and optional paid.

Diane Digs

Founder of Diane Digs, an email list and newsletter for readers of Diane’s books who are interested in exploring the themes underlying her work, e.g., authenticity, spirituality, personal development, and digging into what really matters on our life journey. And perhaps a sprinkling of healthy food pieces.

Impact Producer – Participant

Diane worked with film company Participant as an Impact Producer, celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Food, Inc. movie.  Her work revolved around developing strategies and campaigns to help Participant take the next steps toward creating a better planet. 

Plant Eat Share

Everyone deserves healthy food. Everyone. Find out more about Plant Eat Share, a program promoting growing and sharing food for free.

Change Food

Founded, directed and managed Change Food, a nonprofit that worked toward a healthier food system for people, animals & the planet.


Heralded as one of the best events ever in the food movement, Diane founded, organized and hosted TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” from 2010-2015.


Change Food Fest

Organizer of the Change Food Fest, a national conference on healthy food.

East Village Neighbors

When the pandemic hit New York City in spring of 2020, Diane founded and launched East Village Neighbors, a local group that helped buy groceries and assist those in need. In early fall 2020, she co-founded the East Village Neighbors Community Fridge, an effort to provide free food.  Neighbors take what they need and drop off what they can.


Diane served as board president of AgArts, a nonprofit imagining a healthy food system through art. (until mid-2022)

Boma Grow USA

Boma Grow USA – a connection, collaboration, and event platform focused on the agri-sector, specifically on building a regenerative food and farming system that focuses on healthy whole food for everyone.  Diane founded and headed the program from 2019-2021.

GRACE Communications Foundation

A founding employee of GRACE – the Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (Now the GRACE Communications Foundation). Various positions and duties over 10+ years, include executive producer, The Meatrix movies; founder Sustainable Table; organizer, Eat Well Guided Tour of America; co-founder, The Eat Well Guide, co-founder The GRACE Factory Farm Project – and more.