Today, October 11th, is the official relaunch of Rock Gods & Messy Monsters – and it also happens to be my birthday. Read on for info, updates, and more!

Cover by Robin V, My Custom Book Cover

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters Relaunches

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters officially hard launches today, October 11. I wrote an article a couple months ago explaining what a hard launch is and why I’m doing it – check out “Why I’m Hard Launching (Relaunching) My Book A Year After Publication” if you want to know more.

The book’s gotten a facelift with a new cover (see above). Today also marks the release of a hardcover version of the novel, which, I must say, looks way better than I thought it would.

To celebrate the relaunch, the ebook version (Kindle and elsewhere) will be on sale for 99 cents (and 99 pence) from October 11th – 15th. How can you beat a bargain like that?!

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Friend and industry insider Mary Kay, who lived through the Rock Gods days with me, modeling the book in the VIP lounge at The Armory show.

The Holidays Are Coming

The holidays are coming, and know what’s a great gift? Rock Gods in all your loved ones’ stockings! 

You can buy the book on Amazon U.S. or any Amazon worldwide. And this is a universal book link to all other online retailers.

If you want an autographed copy, I could send you one for $20 to cover shipping if you’re in the U.S. It’s over $30 per book to the U.K. and internationally so not worth sending one – but I could send a sticker you could put in the novel for a couple pounds. Or – just wait until I figure out how to do a book launch or event in London and I can sign U.K. friends’ copies then!

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When I found out there was now a Harry Potter store in Manhattan, you better bet I made sure to check it out while in NYC! JK Rowling is such an inspiration to me

Another Great Review!

This just in! The International Review of Books has reviewed Rock Gods & Messy Monsters….

“Look, let’s be honest. This book is gross, but fast-paced and funny, and all it takes to make that connection is to have experienced being a woman in a man’s corporate world. Or really, just being a woman at all. A timeless struggle, set in a dystopian world where reality and fantasy merge to bring home hard realities with humor and wit. It’s horror mixed with misogyny, and I’ll leave it to readers to decide which is truly more horrific.

The war is real, ladies, and it’s fantastic to see our victories become reality, in life and in prose!”

Why Book Reviews Matter – Please Leave One

I’m not trying to go on too much about the book (okay, I have been…sorry) – but this is my last plea. If you’re moved to leave a review and you haven’t yet (please, be moved!….), you can leave one on Amazon. It means SO much!

The Amazon algorithm that determines how books are promoted and put into public view takes the number of reviews in account. It’s as important as book sales.

You don’t have to buy the book there, but you do have to spend at least $50 a year on Amazon to leave one. If you’d like to help me, I think this link will take you directly to a review page for the book.  It’s all I want for my birthday, and Christmas, and every holiday ever to happen again. Thanks!!!

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The Writer’s Room NYC writers – ( l to r ) Stacy, Sadie, Jaime, Noemie

Book Signing and NYC

If you heard about the October Rock Gods hard launch in NYC, I’ve indefinitely postponed it. Maybe I’ll do something when the second or third book comes out, but costs were running up toward $7k. And I was like, what? I’m not at a point in my writing career to fork out that kind of money for two hours. (It was the NYC hotel that was the bulk of it….)

Because I canceled the event, I snuck into NYC a couple weeks ago, before Amtraking down to Delaware to visit my mother. It’s the first time I’ve been back since moving almost three years ago. I swore when I left the East Coast that I’d never go east of the Rocky Mountains again, let alone back to NYC, but, oh, my, I had such a fantastic time!

The city seemed nicer, calmer, quieter – I know! I understand that’s because I am, but I was still shocked. At first I started thinking about moving within commutable distance, but, I don’t know, New Mexico has its own kind of magnetism. I just re-signed my lease, so I’m in Santa Fe for at least another year. I’m letting the universe decide where I’ll eventually land.

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Outside my former East Village NYC apartment of 25 years – where Rock Gods was born.

I’m committed to finding a way to spend a month or two a year in Manhattan (most likely in the spring during the windy season here in New Mexico). Windy season can suck with both wind and flying dust blowing all over.

For any of you New Yorkers I didn’t get to see, I’m sorry! I’ll plan to come back longer the next time, so I can catch up with everyone. Most of the trip was related to Rock Gods, so I only had time to see a few people. I’ve put a few photos from the trip online if you’d like to check them out.

Special Thanks

A huge thanks to the NYC women from my online writing group who met up for lunch and all bought my book, in particular, Noemie, Stacy, Jaime, and Sadie. We even had an impromptu book signing!

And many thanks to Mary Kay, Paula, Libby, Dawn, Janet, Vivian , and Kate for being such great friends and cheering on my crazy efforts to make a living at full-time fiction writing. You all rock!

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Carolyn and Hector from The William, where I stayed in NYC, hold the old and the new. They moved me so much with their excitement over getting a copy. People are amazing.

Writing Update – Book 2

I’m ecstatic to share that my second book (that still has no title) is currently getting a professional edit. I’m nervous – and terrified I’ll have to make tons of changes – but also so happy it’s gotten to this point. If all goes well, and I don’t need to completely rewrite the thing, I’m hoping to release it in spring(ish) of 2024.

It’s a sequel to my current book Rock Gods & Messy Monsters. You’ll meet Alex twenty years later, older but no wiser. It’s the start of her journey toward herself. I’m planning on at least three books in the series, maybe four – depending on how many escapades she has when she starts her personal transformation. More on that to come.

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This is the corporate monolith where Rock Gods takes place…. (I’m not naming names though….)

Facing Fear

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My priority right now is writing and publishing the Rock Gods series. There will be three, possibly four, books total. I also might need/want to take on some part-time consultancy work starting in the coming months, so if you hear of anything, please let me know. I’m open to anything part-time and not too brain draining – and that’s flexible. I need space to continue to write.

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Samantha, Egor, and Sabrina from the Espanola Humane shelter waiting for their forever homes. Adopt don’t shop! And buy indie!