My Journey Inward

For my birthday this past October, I gave myself two psychic/channeling sessions with two different people in Sedona, Arizona. I’ve continued sessions with them, and have even taken an online course “Fast Track to Your Psychic Abilities” with psychic Claudia Granger.

I’m not interested in becoming a psychic as a profession, but I’m delving into this new way of living for several reasons.

First, the world needs many more people to live beyond the outer, materialistic reality most people exist in. We also need to understand that we are all connected – from the wealthiest person to the unhoused. I find it fascinating that so many people go to church or claim to be spiritual, yet not many absorb and embody the teachings they are given.

We’ll only solve our societal and global problems by going inward. We will not solve issues like hunger and poverty or even climate change until global consciousness shifts and society believes everyone should have food, a living wage and a livable planet. 

Vivos Europa One Bunker, Germany (above/below ground) / Property One

Did you know that there are currently millionaires and billionaires who are building bunkers underground in order to live off the grid? The concern today isn’t a nuclear attack like it was in the 1950’s; today’s paranoia is over civil unrest. Rather than work toward common solutions, these elites have built underground safe houses with living space, gyms, gardens, gun ranges, bowling alleys, pools, and generally all the amenities you can think of at a luxury resort. 

Rather than help solve our problems and understand we are a connected society, these people would rather hide with their millions or billions of dollars. This is not the answer. We each need to go inward and find our connection to something greater than us. That will lead us to understanding the connection we all have with each other. We need compassion, not conflict.

Layout for The Aristocrat Bunker from Rising S Bunkers / Rising S Bunkers

Obviously, we must continue trying to feed and house others who need support – we must continue with outward efforts to help others and to save the planet – but it’s more a stop gap than a solution. The real solution will not happen until there is a shift in global consciousness toward equality. Right now, it’s sporadic and not enough people care about others.

Next, on a professional level, I want to deepen my psychic skills and spirituality because I want to be open to many types of realities. This will help expand my creativity and give depth, color and meaning to my writing and work. I believe that quantum physics, spirituality, and psychic abilities are merely different languages for the exact same thing. They are all focused on understanding and learning to work with energy. More on that to come.

White Sands National Park, New Mexico / ©Diane Hatz

Lastly, it just makes sense to me. Tens of millions of people do twelve step programs like AA, OA, NA, and Al-Anon, and they are all based on letting go and trusting in a Higher Power. Billions of people go to church, synagogue, ashrams and temples to connect with their God/Higher Power. The work I’m doing is helping me learn to connect with my Higher Power directly so I can develop trust in order to truly let go and live in love and the Now, without an intermediary.

We are at a turning point in human evolution where each of us gets to decide which reality we will live in, especially in the next year or two. We can choose to live in light, love and positivity – or we can decide to live in fear, negativity and selfishness. Free will allows us to choose our own path.


I’ve chosen love and joy. Of course I have both good and bad days, but the bad days are merely signposts. They let me know I need to rest, relax and/or regroup. If the sadness or negativity continues, it means I’m not being true to myself and the path I really want to be on. It’s a sign to course correct.

Having a bad day or feeling depressed is not a bad thing to me anymore – it’s simply a sign I’ve strayed a bit from my path. Please note, though, that some people have chemical and/or hormonal imbalances, so if you are feeling down for an extended period of time, please see a doctor, preferably a holistic doctor who understands both energy and brain chemicals and/or Eastern and Western medicine. Medication is good when needed.

Meeting HH Dalai Lama for first time late 1990s

I’ve heard The Dalai Lama comment more than once that becoming psychic is a natural part of a spiritual life – it’s a byproduct of meditation. He also cautions that in Tibetan Buddhism it can be considered a hindrance on the path to enlightenment because it can be easy to get so caught up in one’s newly acquired abilities that it can halt and greatly slow spiritual progress. 

Being psychic is a tool, not an answer. In order to truly help other people, which Bodhisattva’s commit their existence to, you need to know what a person actually needs, not what they say they might need. Having psychic abilities makes that possible. (A Bodhisattva is a person who commits to delaying their own enlightenment until all other sentient beings have become enlightened.)

I’m rather fascinated by my hesitancy to talk or write about this publicly, especially because my spiritual practice takes psychic abilities for granted. Am I still worried about what other people might think, that they might think I’m crazy or delusional? Even if that’s true, why do I care? I find it so interesting and something I plan to look into further. Perhaps I’ll explore this more as my understanding deepens.

Playing on dunes in White Sands National Park / ©Cindy Harper

Until then, I’ve committed 2022 to being a year of fun, joy and love. I started last week by sand surfing the gypsum dunes in White Sands National Park. I haven’t had that much childlike, barefoot fun in decades. And I plan to have much more this year in everything I do. According to Claudia Granger, it’s important we all have as much fun as we can in everything we do this year and next. Joy is a keyword in 2022. 

I hope you will join me. What fun are you having or planning in your life this year?

Please check out Claudia Granger and her School or Wholeness and/or Jason Addison Ames from the Wavve Foundation if you’re interested in a session or learning more about them. 

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