Switchbacks on the Path

Another direction for my pen

I made it! I’m over the threshold of 60, heading full force into the third chapter of my life. I had a wonderful transition weekend in Sedona, Arizona, where I sat on my rock (Bell Rock), hiked the hardest trail I’ve ever experienced, chased aliens, and sat with a channeler who gave me a lot of information about where I’m at and what I need to do to find fulfillment in this life.

Subway cave, Boynton Canyon, Sedona AZ


Channeling is different from being psychic or a medium. A psychic is someone who has extrasensory abilities beyond our five senses and who can tap into and interpret them for other people. Examples are telepathy, which is reading someone else’s mind or clairvoyance, which is seeing things in the future. 

A medium is an intermediary between the living and the dead. They can reach out to people who’ve crossed over to the spirit world.

A channeler allows Spirits or Guides to inhabit their body and speak directly through them. When you have a session with a channeler, you speak directly with the Spirit Guides that come through them, not with that particular person.

I know! It sounds weird if you’re not familiar with it. I found Abraham Hicks on YouTube and have been listening to Abraham (a collective of spirits) speak through Esther Hicks for a couple years now, so it didn’t seem odd to me. After a short while listening to Abraham, I realized I didn’t care who or what was talking – what was being said felt right and made sense to me, so I’d watch a video nearly every day and still often watch them. 

There are other famous channelers – one of the most famous is Jane Roberts who channeled Seth. Shirley MacClaine is also known to be one. Channeling has been done for centuries by priests, shamans and oracles.

So when in Sedona…. The channeler I visited with, Jason Addison Ames, came highly recommended. I was a bit uneasy when he started channeling the guides – his voice and mannerisms changed, and it was a bit jarring at first. Over 300 of them showed up to help me see where my path is headed – which was a bit overwhelming. And also encouraging. And it’s way better than watching a YouTube video of someone else talking with a spirit guide!

It’s extremely helpful to speak with anyone or anything who gives you guidance that feels right in your gut. Nearly everything the guides said rang true in my gut, so it was confirmation that I should take certain actions that I had already been thinking about taking.


The biggest one – I’m retiring my nonprofit. I’ve been thinking about this on and off for over a year now, and when I understood my writing won’t take off until I clear space in my mind and life to focus on it, I was able to muster up the courage to do it. Change Food will run officially until the end of the year, but the only work I’m doing now is closing it down.

I will continue with my consulting work, so I’m not leaving food and farming completely, but I’ll no longer work for free, which I’ve basically done with Change Food for several years, and I will no longer beat my head against the wall to try to get funding or get someone to understand that the work I was doing is important. 

And I will write. The second suggestion – which was a very strongly worded suggestion – was to stay away from writing about my past or lower vibrational stuff like blood, gore or horror. That means no memoir or faction. I’ve decided to lean toward the fantastical. 

Consulting will continue


Where does that leave things? Well, this journal will now be less about my personal life. I’ll focus a bit on food, farming, health and wellness. (I’m not only shutting down the nonprofit, I shut down the Change Food Dispatch here on Substack, so I’ll most likely incorporate some of what I was going to write on there in here.) 

I’ll still do some articles about experiences from my younger years – you know, chasing rockstars and enlightened beings and that type of thing. I mean, I need something to write about while I work on drafts of the book! I’ll also start incorporating information from research I’ll do for the book. And, eventually, I’ll share pieces of the novel with you as I feel more comfortable with where it’s going. I already have a loose outline for the first one.

Think of it this way. The Whole Health Journal will now focus on food, farming, health and wellness – as well as inspiration and creativity. And this feels right to me. I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey. Thanks!

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