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If you’re interested in indie publishing and marketing, as well as info on self-care for creatives, you can also sign up for Next Draft, my Substack newsletter where I post original writing every week or two. (It’s a separate sign up.) In 2023, I’ll be focused on how to market and publish indie books.

Thanks for joining the Rock Gods & Messy Monsters email list! 

For now, there are actually two lists (I’m still ironing out the fine points of promoting the book so apologies for any confusion…).

One is this newsletter that you’ll get every month or two – it’s a roundup of what’s going on with me, the book, and Whole Healthy Group.  In addition, you can sign up for Next Draft, my Substack where I post original writing every week or two. I’ll also link to that material here – but you’ll be able to read my writing faster through Next Draft. I encourage you to sign up for both! 

I might merge the two lists at some point, though Next Draft is more for publishing original writing. The Rock Gods/Whole Healthy newsletter will also include updates, news and tidbits of info you won’t find on Next Draft.

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