Health Immunity & Food: Mitigating the Effects of Covid-19 

How can the food we eat help build our immunity and help lessen the effects of COVID-19?

Learn about the link between our immunity and viruses – and how eating whole foods can help boost health and fight off or lessen the impacts of COVID-19 and other diseases by watching “Health Immunity & Food: Mitigating the Effects of Covid19”. Experts say it only takes four weeks to start seeing results!

Our special guest Dr. William Li of the Angiogenesis Foundation and author of “Eat to Beat Disease” provides an explanation of the coronavirus and discusses how we can help boost our immunity through eating specific foods. 

Chef Amanda Cohen, owner of Dirt Candy & Lekka Burger in New York City, shares two recipes and cooking demonstrations using some of Dr. Li’s ingredients. 

Moderated by Diane Hatz; brought to you by Boma Grow USA. 

Enjoy recipes from Chef Amanda Cohen:

Dr. Li’s Top 10 Foods